Top 10 Best Gifts for Art Lovers

Top 10 Best Gifts For Art Lovers


There are tons of gift guides out there for techies, new moms, college students, you name it! But today I want to focus on the art lovers. Have you ever wondered what to get your friend who loves fine arts or what about your mom who enjoys painting in her free time? These 10 gifts for art lovers will give you a great place to start your search for the perfect gift!

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  1. Wine Painting Class: There are so many options here. You can look through the schedule and pick a painting that looks like their style, or let them choose with you. By the end of the class they get a beautiful piece of artwork that they created and they also get to enjoy the experience and spend time with you. A quick Google search can help you find a wine painting studio near you and most have calendars of their upcoming events.
  2. Museum Pass: What more could an art lover ask for? Giving them a museum pass is giving them a way to see new artwork all year long, get inspired, and enjoy their favorite exhibits.
  3. Staedtler FineLiner Pens: These are awesome for writing and taking notes, but the all the color options also make them great to use in an adult coloring book. The fine points make coloring inside the finer details easy and enjoyable.
  4. Paint Your Own Pottery Class: This is another experience gift option that gives them an art project to create and allows them to spend some time with you. A Google search can help you find a studio near you.
  5. Tickets to a Play or Symphony: Art doesn’t just come in the form of paintings or ceramics, but can also be found in plays and symphonies! Maybe your art lover would enjoy going out for a night to experience a show. Experiential gifts build memories and can be cherished longer than a material gift, which is why they appear so many time on this list!
  6. Gift Cards: Gift cards are a great gift for an art lover that you may not know as well. A gift card to Michaels, Joanns, or Hobby Lobby gives them the opportunity to purchase art supplies they may not have splurged on for themselves.
  7. Print or Gift Card from their Favorite Artist: If you know of an artist they admire, you could buy them a print of their work. Prints are less expensive versions of an artists work that are mass produced rather than being the original copy. If you aren’t sure which print they might like, getting them a gift card to that artist’s shop is also an option.
  8. Tickets to an Art Walk: Lots of major cities have art walks; some are only once a year while others are every month. An art walk is an awesome opportunity to get out and see some local art, talk to other local art lovers, and meet some local artists.
  9. Adult Coloring Books: Adult coloring books are a great way to get creative and relieve some of the stress of everyday life. Some of my favorite options are Between the Lines, Devilishly Detailed Mandalas and Patterns, and any of the books from Johanna Basford.
  10.  Smart Art Box Subscription: You may have seen in my Top 5 Best Gifts for the Artist in Your Life, that I recommended a different art subscription box. Both are good but what I like about this one for an art lover is that instead of random art supplies, this one gives you everything you need to complete one art project. And just like the other box, you can customize it by subscribing for one month for $50 all the way up to a whole year for $480.

What are you thinking about getting for the art lover in your life?

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